It Is The Only Thing That Matters

With pens in their hand they were ready.

1/3 of the crowd pondered it,

1/3 of the crowd ignored it and

1/3 of the crowd got it.

I was not disappointed.

It was the result expected.

This is what usually happens from my opening line in a recent keynote talk to a group of tradespeople last Saturday.

I learned this from a master sales person and negotiator in the financial industry, Marty Cohen, 22 years ago.

Marty is a psychologist. Yet he found his calling when he applied his studies to discover the noble art of persuasion and sales inside the banking industry.

I studied under Marty for two years. I met him, I dined with him and I absorbed.

Marty taught me a third of the people will love it, a third of the people will hate it and a third of the people will be sitting on the fence.

The task you will always have is to get the 1/3 who ponders and sit on the fence to fall your way.

So there I was. In front a group of eager, keen yet excruciating unskilled in sales, tradespeople.

These ‘tradies’ wanted to know the secrets to getting more clients, charging reasonable fees and to eradicate the cut throat business of undercharging to win the business.

It was a simple request by them.

It was as if their entire lives were hanging in the balance.

“Show me how to charge what I am worth.” they feverishly implored.

They were transfixed.

Eyes beckoning to be receive the secret weapon which will transform their very existence from an overworked and underpaid tradesperson to a much sought after and in demand skilled craftsman.

Glued to their seats and with pens in hands they watched me approach the podium.

They saw me stand in the centre of the stage.

I was cool, deliberate and stood upright when I delivered my opening line.

“You Will Not Discover How Until You Believe You Can.”


I could see the bewilderment in some faces, I could see sets of eyes glance up left towards their brow and I could see the excited nods of heads as my words were plucked from the air and written on note paper in earnest.

For the next 60 minutes I took these astute men and women through a series of sales tips and techniques which will get them the results they desire.

But only if…

They believe they can.


It Is The Only Thing That Matters.

Believe In Yourself