Purchasing Management for Quick Service Restaurants: Ways a Consultancy Firm Can Improve Purchasing

Managing purchases at a quick service restaurant or fast-food restaurant is for obvious reasons a crucial point: Selecting suppliers that deliver the best products to serve to customers, while carefully analyzing the cost of the products in order to increase the profit margins is no easy task.

Many restaurants and especially chains have therefore a highly qualified person in their team who is in charge of the purchasing management for the quick service restaurant, but for smaller businesses or start ups it can be difficult to have a specialized person for these tasks. Many business consultancy firms offer therefore the solution to outsource the purchasing management, either temporarily or permanently. Getting an expert to take care of it can have several benefits. Let’s look at some of them:

Analysis of existing sourcing channels

An expert purchasing manager will first of all analyze the situation and take a close look at the markets, suppliers, products, quality, prices and contracts, in order to get a good overview. A profound analysis can highlight where problems are or where the process can be improved.

Analysis of the purchase volume by product type and final cost at the point of sale

After the initial analysis the manager takes a closer look at what is actually happening at the business. Calculate precise numbers and establish the needs.

Intermediation with existing suppliers

Once all the data is collected and the expert has a good overview of the market situation and the situation of the specific restaurant, the next step is usually communication and intermediation with existing suppliers, to ensure the purchasing is done with in the best and most cost-efficient way possible.

Formalization of new contracts with suppliers on behalf of the customer

Whether it is with existing suppliers or new suppliers, the external manager will also negotiate existing contracts or formalize new contracts with suppliers on behalf of the customer, in order to make this process as smooth as possible.

A strategic approach to the purchasing management can make the purchasing process significantly more efficient and reduce costs without having to use internal resource or hiring a person internally to take care of the purchasing process. If you are looking for for purchasing management in outsourcing, visit the website of the business consultancy firm SLM Consulting to find out more about the advantages or get in contact to discuss how they can support your business with their expertise.